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2010-1-12 · Consider the unbalanced ionic equation ClO-+H^+-->Cl2+ClO^-3+H2O. A.) Assign the oxidation nuer to each element. B.) how many electrons are given up by each Cl atom as it is oxidized? C.) How many electrons are gained by each Cl atom as it is reduced? D.) is this an example of disproportionation? E.) Balance the above equation.

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2019-4-24 · Chlorine properties. Historically known for being used during the First World War as a chemical weapon (mustard gas), chlorine (Cl2) is widely used for its disinfectant properties as a biocide (to remove bacteria) during the water purifiion process.It is also used in other sectors like the chemical industry (production of herbicide and insecticide), textile and paper industries (as a

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2007-3-8 · Yahoo Philippines Answers If computer becomes stable after removing the cl2 RAM''s then the problem might be with the positioning, try installing the cl2 RAMS in the second bank. I''ve tried to check your motherboard manual online but the Abit website has a broken link. I always use MSI board and it has an option to change the CAS Latency, I

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2009-6-5 · Soil pH in the field can be measured using a simple test kit based on a colour-card method available from agricultural supply stores called the Raupach soil pH kit. The kit gives the soil pH on the water scale (see later) and should be used only as a guide to soil pH. Analysis in a laboratory provides the most accurate measurement of soil pH

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2010-4-9 · Best Answer: Each element wants a full octet for stability. When you look at the Halogens (Group 7/17) for example, each element only needs one more electron to fill its outer shell. Therefore, the one unpaired electron that exists in the p orbitals for these halogens will find another unpaired electron from the same element to complete its outer shell.

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Faculty Profile Jiang Hai-Long Department: Department of Chemistry Mailing Address: No. 96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui Province (TeO3)Cl2 , J. Solid State La2Ba

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2019-4-21 · Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid is a colorless inorganic chemical system with the formula H 2 O:HCl. Hydrochloric acid has a distinctive pungent smell. It is classified as strongly acidic and can attack the skin over a wide composition range, since the hydrogen chloride completely dissociates in aqueous solution.


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Your Disinfection Team: Chlorine and pH

2013-4-23 · both chlorine and pH levels. Chlorine and pH, your disinfection team, are the first defense against germs that can make swimmers sick. What does chlorine do? Chlorine kills germs in pools--but it takes time to work. Therefore, it’s important to make sure chlorine levels are always at the levels recommended by the health department

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2011-5-26 · Meilleure réponse: Make an element chart for each side. K-6 Mn-6 O-24 H-48 Cl-48 Product K-6 Cl-20 H-48 O-24 Mm-6 6KMnO4 + 48HCl = 6KCl + 6MnCl2 + 24H2O + 14Cl2 Now you pick a side, balance every element as it comes. You should be able to reduce them yourself. It''s late

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Go on the airplane - Philippines airlines, Zest, Cebu Pacific, Airphils express all fly from manila to cebu - you can probably get a promo - If you dont take a plane you would take a ferry, like the Superferry - a little cheaper but is a 24 hour boat ride = 21 moles of Cl2

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2005-3-21 · Chlorine Residual Testing Fact Sheet, CDC SWS Project 4 Methods to Test Free Chlorine in the Field in Developing Countries There are three main methods to test free chlorine residual in drinking water in the field in developing countries: 1) Pool test kits, 2) …

2 KMnO4 + 16 HCl -> 5 Cl2 + 2 KCl + 2 MnCl2 + 8 …

2009-11-20 · For the reaction 2 KMnO4 + 16 HCl -> 5 Cl2 + 2 KCl + 2 MnCl2 + 8 H2O What is the amount of Cl2 that can be produced by reacting 30.0 g of KMnO4 with 30.0 g of HCl ? What I did was divide 30g HCl by 36.458 (molar mass) and then multiply by 5/16 which is the mole ratio and then by 70.9 which is the molar mass of Cl2 (35.45x2).

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